--President Trump signs executive order for Medicare, slams Democrats


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President Donald J. Trump on Thursday, October 3, signs an executive order to enable his administration to seek Medicare changes that will impact about 60 million seniors and disabled people.

Speaking at The Villages in Central Florida, the president criticizes the Democrats’ attempt to “totally obliterate Medicare,” adding that the Trump administration policy is to ensure the best health care for all Americans.

[Donald Trump, U.S. President]: "In a few moments, I will sign an executive order to strengthen Medicare for seniors and very substantially. I'll provide Medicare Advantage plans with new tools and options and it'll help Medicare beneficiaries gain faster access to the very latest and greatest medical devices and therapies."

Donald Trump, U.S. President]: "Today's action is the only really great action that we can take. … It's the latest of many important steps that were taken to dramatically improve health care for the American people."

President Trump assures the community that supported him in the 2016 election. "As long as I'm president, no one will lay a hand on your Medicare benefits. This order is the latest step in my administration's drive to ensure the world's best health care for all Americans.”

The president alludes to the democrat’s endeavor to abolish Medicare. “Medicare is under threat like never before,” says President Trump, who continues, “Almost every major Democrat in Washington is back to massive government health care takeover that would totally obliterate Medicare."

He explains the logic of another four years: "Very important that we win this race. You know when we won last time I said that's the most important election in our country's history because we were ready to go over the edge. And now our country is doing great. But you know, it's like a plant; it's like a tree. It has to grab … those roots have to grab hold. We still need more time, we've done so much but we need a little more time. That thing has to grow and has got to get in there and then nobody's gonna be able to take it down no matter what happens later on."

He slams the democrats, saying that they are “consumed by rage, radicalism, and insatiable lust for power." … "And that's why they do the impeachment crap because they know they can't beat us fairly. That's the only reason—that they can't win.” The audience overwhelmingly chant “four more years.”

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