Economic advisor Larry Kudlow optimistic about US-China trade talks


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White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow on Monday, October 7, says he is hopeful about the trade talks with China, saying that the delegates are starting with a "clean slate."

U.S. and Chinese envoys are scheduled to meet this week to resolve the trade dispute. Kudlow speaks to reporters outside the White House as the next session of U.S.-China trade negotiations is happening.

[Larry Kudlow, White House economic adviser]: “Right now as we are talking, the deputy's level group is meeting, USA and China. It's very important. It's kind of a clean slate, reopening the door. And as you know, Thursday and Friday, the principals’ levels will be meeting and we are waiting for the Chinese offer. We are open, open to almost anything right now."

Kudlow talks about the details of the trade talks.: "We are open to a number of ideas, some may be short term, some may be long term. It's essential that the structural issues we've talked about, you know for two years since I've been around, the IP theft, the forced transfers of technology, the cyberspace hacking, the espionage, the trade tariffs, the nontariff barriers, that stuff's gotta get solved.”

He reiterates President Trump’s stance, adding that the mood with the Chinese has improved and that they are more cooperative.

[Larry Kudlow, White House economic adviser]: “The president is defending the American economy. He will continue to defend the American economy. Now having said that, the Chinese seem to be a little more cooperative recently. They've been in the market buying some agriculture. We like that. The statements coming out of Beijing have been a little more positive. Seems like the mood music has improved.”

When asked if President Donald J. Trump is serious about his suggestion that the Chinese regime should investigate former Vice-president Joe Biden, Kudlow says, “I don't honestly know. I don't honestly know. And I would say as he has said, that's unrelated to the trade talks. “

"As I've said, the president's view is there is no linkage between that (request to investigate Biden) and the trade talks. I guarantee there'll be no linkage. When they come here, again, the deputies are here as we talk and then the principals come, Vice Premier Liu He, I guarantee you, they will be sticking to the key points on trade and some reports suggest the Chinese will have a new offer which we would like to look at."

Kudlow remains hopeful about the resumed negotiations.

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