Jeanine Añez assumes presidency of Bolivia


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Jeanine Añez assumes presidency of Bolivia

Sen. Jeanine Añez assumed the interim presidency of Bolivia on Tuesday. She expressed "the need to create a climate of social peace" in the country.

A boycott by former President Evo Morales's allies that left the legislative chamber short of the legal minimum number of lawmakers required to appoint Jeanine Añez president. 

The legislative session did not have a quorum in any of its chambers, due to the absence of congressmen from Evo Morales's party.

The leadership of the Bolivian armed forces and police recognized the president and gave her their support.

Morales, who has sought refuge in Mexico, described it as a coup.

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States Luis Almagro pronounced himself in the extraordinary session convened in Washington: "There was a coup in Bolivia, it happened when an electoral fraud gave victory to Evo Morales in the first round."

Chile: strike, looting, and more than 849 detainees

Incidents throughout  Cjile of looting has more than 849 detained..

While in Santiago, the Chilean capital, the Carabineros faced thousands of demonstrators, in the commune Arica, in the north of Chile. Around 100 demonstrators, hiding behind masks and handkerchiefs, looted and set fire to a local supermarket. 

The fire spread to the adjoining houses that had to be evacuated.

During the rest of the day of protests there were a total of 398 incidents  across the country, of which 95 were looting.

The police said that there were 849 detainees, 209 of them in Santiago de Chile.

Tension in the Venezuelan Embassy in Brazil

Diplomats from the Venezuelan Embassy in Brazil said they recognized Juan Guaidó as president and wanted to hand over the headquarters.

But a group of supporters of Nicolás Maduro along with deputies from the Brazilian Workers' Party barricaded themselves so as not to give them control.

Julio Borges, Guaidó's chancellor, denounced on Twitter that Maduro’s supporters attacked  the headquarters with violent groups and Cuban agents.

Outside the embassy, pro-Chávez groups also attacked supporters of interim President Guaidó.

BRICS meets in Brazil amidst strong differences

The Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro will host from Nov. 13th the leaders of Russia, India, China and South Africa, in what will be the 11th summit of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).. 

The agenda will focus on the discussion of the institutional crisis faced by Latin American countries such as Venezuela and Bolivia.

In addition to the joint sessions, Bolsonaro will hold separate meetings with Presidents Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and also with the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

There seems to be discrepancies on key issues, so a common document may not be issued.

Bolsonaro holds a very different position from other leaders on key issues such as the stance on Venezuela.

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