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President Trump looking forward meeting with Kim Jong Un

President Donald Trump told CBS news that he's looking forward to his planned upcoming meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The president acknowledged that U.S. Intelligence chiefs say it's not likely Kim Jong Un would give up his country's nuclear weapons program. However, he said, North Korea has a chance to be an "Economic powerhouse," and he sees this as a motivating factor.

President Trump said there are no plans to remove U.S. Troops from South Korea and the idea has not been discussed.

President Trump will tout strength and unity at the State Of The Union

President Donald Trump will tout the nation's strength when he delivers his State Of The Union address Tuesday and looks to strike a unifying tone.

President Trump's second State Of The Union address will take place on Tuesday as the Robert Mueller investigation continues.

From deregulation to renewed dialogue with North Korea and falling unemployment numbers, president trumps accomplishments are numerous despite constant resistance from Democrats and widespread negative media coverage.

President Trump will also remind the nation of his renegotiated trade deals... Lowered drug prices. Infrastructure program’s and he will continue his case on border security.

With Democrats now controlling the house majority, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi sitting just behind him.
President Trump indicates unification will be a theme...
President Trump is expected to use his state of the union address in part to kick-off his 2020 campaign...
And he'll be speaking before a number of the Democrats who hope to take his job.


A step toward robotic self-awareness

Engineers at Columbia University in New York claim that an artificial arm with a grasping hand is a step towards self-awareness.

"At the beginning of the study, the robot did not know if it was a spider, a snake or an arm," Robert Kwiatkowski explains

After around a day of "Intensive computing", it built up an internal picture of its structure and abilities - a "Self-simulation."

After less than 35 hours of training, this "Self-model" helped the robot grasp objects at specific locations and drop them into a receptacle with 100 percent accuracy. Prof. Hod Lipson calls it the holy grail.

Even when relying entirely on its own internal self-model – its "Imagination" - the robot was able to complete the pick-and-place task with a 44 percent success rate.

Other tasks included writing text with a marker.
To see whether the robot could detect damage to itself, engineers replaced a section of its body with a 3d-printed deformed part.
The robot was able to detect the change and re-train its self-model to work around it.

Lipson believes self-aware robots may shed new light on the age-old mystery of consciousness.
Killer robots that threaten the human race are a popular topic in science-fiction.

Both Lipson and Kwiatkowski say they are aware of the ethical implications of giving robots the gift of self-awareness.
Their research was published in journal science robotics on Thursday (January 30 2019).


The BL news-across Latin America-01-04-2019

-President Donald Trump said the united states does not rule out sending military personnel to Venezuela

-López Obrador quantifies the serious losses from fuel theft

-brazil one step closer to change
Senate elects Bolsonaro's ally as president

-Eruption of illegal migrants in Mexico

President Donald Trump says he could send us troops to Venezuela

�He assured that he is willing to expel nicolás Maduro because he assumed the presidency of Venezuela through fraudulent elections.
He has recognized as legitimate president the leader of the national assembly, Juan Guaidó, and imposed sanctions to weaken Maduro's government.

A good part of the region has also recognized guaidó as a legitimate president, while some countries have issued ultimatums to Maduro, warning him that he must call democratic elections.

Trump added that he rejected a request for a meeting from Maduro, indicating that time had run out.
The self-proclaimed constitutional president and leader of parliament, Juan Guaidó, called on Saturday the third day of mobilizations in Venezuela, to demand the resignation of Maduro.
On the same day, Maduro, backed by China and Russia, commemorated the 20th anniversary of Hugo Chávez's seizure of power.

López Obrador quantifies the serious losses from fuel theft

In Mexico, Lopez Obrador assures that the expense for fuel theft is equivalent to maintaining another Pemex

The president of Mexico, Lopez Obrador, declared that the million-dollar losses from fuel theft were equivalent to the expense of maintaining a second oil company.

The president, who estimated the losses from fuel theft at more than 3.4 billion dollars, indicated that it would not be easy to recover so much money.

He explained that in 2018 an average of 800 to 1,000 gasoline tankers were stolen per day, and they hope to reduce that number by half this year.

Brazil one step closer to change
Senate elects Bolsonaro's ally as president

In Brazil, Bolsonaro's ally wins the senate presidency

Davi Alcolumbre, a political ally of president Jair Bolsonaro, won the presidency of the Brazilian senate for the next two years. The victory is in addition to the re-election on Friday of the president of the chamber of deputies, Rodrigo Maia, also an ally of the Brazilian president.

Bolsonaro congratulated both officials from Sao Paulo where he is recovering from an abdominal intervention as a result of the attack he suffered in September.

The two victories are expected to make it easier for the conservative leader to approve measures that promote the opening of the economy, and the fight against crime, corruption, and ideologies.

Eruption of illegal migrants in Mexico

Guatemala and Mexico reopen border after migrants forcibly crossed into Mexico.

On the weekend, the customs between the Mexican city of Hidalgo and Guatemalan tecum Uman was reopened after being closed for eight days.

It was closed by the irruption of three thousand five hundred illegal migrants who seek to reach the border of the united states.

The forced entry came after Guatemalans cornered and expelled members of the caravan from the country.

The Mexican city of Saltillo, in Coahuila, is preparing to receive 2,000 illegal migrants, 90 percent of whom could have the flu.

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