Just the Facts The BL News 02/13/2019


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Just the Facts The BL News 02/13/2019

Senate Intelligence Committee finds no evidence of collusion

Sen. Richard Burr, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told reporters his committee has found no sign of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, although he admitted that the committee's investigation is not over.

Burr also referenced Former Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen. Cohen has rescheduled congressional testimony in the last month.

Cohen is set to begin a three-year prison sentence in March for Campaign finance violations and lying to Congress.
Senate investigators subpoenaed Cohen to testify before the Senate, but it’s unclear if a new date has been set.

Vice-President Pence says "America First" doesn’t mean America alone

US Vice President Mike Pence delivered a strong message of support for NATO allies before hundreds of Polish and US troops in Poland on Wednesday

Pence delivered his remarks in a hangar at Warsaw's airport at the start of a four-day visit to Europe.
During his trip Pence will participate in a conference on the Middle East that started in Warsaw on Wednesday; he'll also visit Auschwitz and other historic sites and attend the annual Munich Security Conference in Germany over the weekend.
Pence's stop in Poland comes as the Central European nation is lobbying Washington for a permanent US base on its soil as fears in the region run high over a resurgent Russia.
After Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2014, the United States deployed some 5,000 troops on a rotational basis to Poland to beef up defenses and ease the nation's fears.

President Trump wants details of border deal

Press secretary Sarah Sanders, speaking to reporters Wednesday said the president had not yet decided whether he would support the agreement that would head off a second government shutdown.

President Trump said Tuesday he would need more time to study the plan, but he also declared he was not expecting another shutdown this weekend when funding for parts of the government would run out.
He suggested he could use additional dollars for the wall by sourcing other federal coffers to help fund stronger border security.

President Trump: Hosts Columbian President-answers questions about border security deal

President Donald Trump welcomed the president of Colombia to the White House Wednesday The crisis in Venezuela topped the agenda between the two leaders.

Both presidents insisting they'll work together to end the tenure of embattled Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro.

Counternarcotics efforts and trade were also expected to be discussed during the hour-plus-long White House visit.

President trump later answered reporters questions about a possible deal on border security. The President says he and his aides will review the final text of a border security agreement.

The deal would keep the government open, but provide just a fraction of the money President Trump is asking for to fund stronger border security.
President Trump reiterated his desire to avoid another government shutdown, saying another closure "would be a terrible thing." Trump is also saying that, no matter what, the wall will get built.

The BL news-across Latin America-02-13-2019

-Mining tragedy in Brazil
- Authorities raid houses of opponents of the constitutional referendum
- Explosive attack on pipeline in Colombia
- Guaidó delivers humanitarian aid in Venezuela

Mining tragedy in Brazil

Reuters News Agency announces that the biggest mining tragedy in Brazil's history could have been avoided.

An internal document would reveal that the multinational mining company VALE knew that the Brumadinho dam was in danger of collapsing months ago.
The information published by Reuters, detailed that the company knew that the toxic waste deposit 1 of the Córrego do Feijão mine, was in serious breach of minimum safety standards.
The news agency's investigation also indicated that there were irregularities in an audit that the dam passed in that time, and that it also failed to detect the danger.
In Brazil's worst mining tragedy to date, the dam collapsed on Jan. 25, leaving at least 165 dead and hundreds missing.

Authorities raid houses of opponents of the constitutional referendum

Cuban opponents of the constitutional referendum denounced that military and police officers have assaulted more than a dozen of their homes with extreme violence.
�Raids, leading to arrests and looting, sometimes in the presence of high-ranking officials of the Ministry of the Interior, are often carried out without prior warning or court order.
One of those arrested and released, the former politician José Daniel Ferrer, said the attacks targeted those who oppose the communist constitutional referendum of February 24, which he describes as fraudulent.
The Patriotic Union of Cuba - an organization that holds more than 50 political prisoners - along with other opponents, have declared a hunger strike as a sign of protest.

Explosive attack on pipeline in Colombia

Petrol company Ecopetrol denounced that its pipeline network suffered another attack in southern Colombia, this time with explosives.
�They reported that although the Mansoyá Orito oil pipeline in the department of Putumayo was out of operation, the explosion caused a fire.
The company did not attribute the attack to any group, pointing out that it was already the tenth attack suffered by its pipelines in 2019. Fortunately, there were no fatalities or injuries, but there was material damage from the oil spill.

Guaidó delivers humanitarian aid in Venezuela

The self-proclaimed president and leader of Parliament, Juan Guaidó, announced the delivery of the first remittance of humanitarian aid in Venezuela.
He declared that the Association of Health Centers received 85,000 food supplements, equivalent to one million seven hundred thousand rations for children and 4,500 for pregnant women.
He also thanked the countries that are collaborating to introduce humanitarian aid in Venezuela, in the face of opposition from Nicolás Maduro and the army.
On Tuesday, he called on the people to demonstrate for the third time to demand the entry of food and medicine.
Maduro denied that there is a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and maintained that aid is part of the plan to overthrow him, Maduro also led “Chavista” rallies yesterday.

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