Just the Facts-The BL News-03-08-2019


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Just the Facts—The BL News 03-08-2019

Melania Trump honoring women from around the world

Melania Trump is honoring women from around the world with international courage awards.

The first lady said at Thursday's ceremony in Washington that courage is one of the qualities society needs most.

Mrs. Trump joined Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the State Department to confer awards on 10 women from Bangladesh, Djibouti, Egypt, Ireland, Jordan, Montenegro, Myanmar, Peru, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania.

Mike Pompeo separately recognized the women of Iran for protesting the requirement that they wear headscarves in public.

The State Department has honored more than 120 women from scores of countries since it created the International Women of Courage Award in 2007.

Google and Apple will keep a Saudi Arabian app that may violate Women’s right’s

Google will keep a Saudi app available for download in its mobile app store, despite calls from legislators that it violates women's rights and should be removed.

According to the Google Play stores app description, Absher is the official individuals eServices Mobile Application that provides the services of Absher portal in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi government app, Absher, is mostly a way for residents and citizens of Saudi Arabia to pay traffic fines, file for permits and complete other administrative tasks electronically.

But it includes a feature that has sparked controversy – the ability for Saudi men to grant or deny a woman permission to travel. In the past, a travel permit was a paper document issued by the Interior Ministry and signed by a male relative.

The app has replaced that document, but removing the app would not change or remove the guardianship rules in place.

Apple's App Store guidelines seem to give the company a lot of latitude in what apps are considered unacceptable, including those that have "content that is offensive, insensitive, upsetting, intended to disgust or in exceptionally poor taste."

Google also has guidelines to prohibit apps that facilitate harassment and characteristics tied to systemic discrimination. Apple told US lawmakers critical of the app it is still investigating.
According to the Associated Press, Google and Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

The BL News-President Trump answers questions outside the White House

Before departing the White house for Alabama, President trump took reporters questions on topics from the economy to Paul Manafort.
President Trump has proven to be one of the most Transparent Presidents. While his answers may stir up days of media coverage, his willingness to answer even the toughest questions are part of his unique style.

Across Latin America-03-08-2019

-Venezuelan authorities release detained U.S. reporter
-Mexico and Los Angeles establish a commission to improve cross
-border collaboration
-Another Mexican state seeks to guarantee life from the moment of conception

-Popocatepetl volcano eruption keeps Mexico on alert

-Vast colonies of monarch butterflies cause astonishment in Mexico

After more than 10 hours in detention, Venezuelan authorities released U.S. journalist Cody Weddle on Wednesday night.

The reporter, who has been deported, said a group of counter-intelligence agents raided his apartment in Caracas, arrested him and put him in a jeep.
He was asked questions about his job while his cell phone and computer were being investigated before being taken to the airport and left in the custody of immigration services.

Carlos Camacho, a Venezuelan citizen who worked with Weddle, has also been released.
In recent weeks, tension has increased in the Caribbean country after Venezuela's interim president, Juan Guaidó, denounced the country's humanitarian crisis and demanded that Nicolás Maduro leave the presidency, calling him a usurper.

Mexico and Los Angeles establish a commission to improve cross-border collaboration Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard agreed with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to improve cross-border collaboration and provide solutions to the migration problem.

To this end, they will create the "Mexico-Los Angeles Commission" with critical commercial and cultural representatives from both Los Angeles and Mexico.
During the meeting held at the headquarters of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday, both leaders agreed that economic development is essential to combat illegal migration and related problems.

Los Angeles has become a foreign city where Mexicans choose to reside, counting to date almost 1 million three hundred thousand of them.

Another Mexican state seeks to guarantee life from the moment of conception

The Congress of Nuevo León approved a reform of the state constitution that rejects abortion and guarantees the right to human life.
The voting - which received 30 votes in favor, eight against and two abstentions - has yet to be ratified by the city councils.
The new constitution would establish that any human being will enjoy rights and the protection of the law from the moment of conception.

If finally approved, it would be state number 21 - out of a total of 32 - which shows its rejection of the initiative to decriminalize abortion in the country, proposed by some members of President López Obrador's party.

Popocatepetl volcano eruption keeps Mexico on alert

The National Coordination of Civil Protection of Mexico published a video of an explosion of the Popocatépelt volcano.

The video shows a massive column of smoke and ash that reaches a height of more than 2 kilometers. They explained that despite the increase in activity, the traffic light of volcanic alert will remain in Yellow phase 2.

Likewise, the National Center for Disaster Prevention recorded 97 exhalations of water vapor, gas, and ash in the last 24 hours.
They also advised the population to avoid wearing contact lenses, wash their eyes and throats with water, and cover their mouths and noses with a handkerchief.

Huge colonies of monarch butterflies cause astonishment in Mexico

Tens of thousands of monarch butterflies cause astonishment in Mexico.
Coming from the California coast, southern Canada and the northeastern United States, monarch butterflies usually arrive en masse in early November to spend the winter, and then return north in March. During this period, an amazing spectacle can be seen in the more than 20 colonies located in several Mexican states.

Recently, authorities announced a 144 percent increase in the population of monarch butterflies from 2017. Each monarch butterfly can only complete part of the journey since its average life span is one month and migratory routes tend to be thousands of kilometers long.

President Donald Trump toured the deadly tornado damage in Alabama

President Donald Trump tours the deadly tornado damage in Alabama
President Donald Trump toured the deadly tornado that devastated a small Alabama town, killing nearly two dozen people.

Air Force One first landed at U.S. Army Fort Benning military base along the Georgia border, where President Trump and the first lady boarded a helicopter for an aerial tour of some of the damage.

The president was expected to tour rural Lee County in eastern Alabama, where 23 people died Sunday in a massive EF4 tornado that carved a path of destruction nearly a mile wide with 170 mph winds.
Earlier in the week, President Trump declared a major disaster existed in Alabama and ordered federal aid to supplement state and local recovery efforts in Lee County.

President Trump has made many trips to greet victims of natural disasters including the Carolinas following Hurricane Florence.

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