Just the Facts—The BL News 02/28/2019


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Just the Facts—The BL News 02/28/2019

U.S. Supreme Court says cross-shaped war memorial is constitutional

So there’s this cross-shaped war memorial erected on public land in Bladensburg, Maryland, just outside of Washington DC. It’s been there for nearly 100 years and serves as a memorial to those in the neighborhood who died in World War 1. In 2014 a lawsuit was filed challenging the cross as a violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Establishment Clause, which prohibits the government from establishing an official religion and bars governmental actions favoring one religion over another.

Part of the lawsuit says the cross should be moved to private property or modified into a nonreligious monument such as a slab or obelisk. The Supreme Court Wednesday ruled that the Cross is constitutional and Maryland officials say the cross, sometimes called the "Peace Cross," doesn't violate the Constitution because it has a secular purpose and meaning.

Reuters said The cross has the backing of President Donald Trump’s administration. The American Legion holds memorial events at the site. Veterans and their relatives say the monument has no religious meaning despite being in the shape of a cross, calling the lawsuit misguided and hurtful. A decision on the case is expected by the end of June.

President Trump walks away from US North Korea negotiations

U.S. President Donald Trump walked away in a classic move right out of a book titled, “The Art of the Deal.” Despite the spin from his many detractors, President Trump has not conceded anything to North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, except his time. Trump was speaking in Hanoi, Vietnam after he announced that he had walked away from the summit without agreeing to a deal.

President Trump said specifically, the negotiations fell through after Kim Jong Un demanded a full removal of U.S.led international sanctions.

President Trump left Hanoi, before the scheduled lunch. Both Leaders left within minutes of each other according to Associated Press. A joint agreement signing ceremony was scrapped.

SpaceX ready for manned flight

NASA and SpaceX plan first test flight on Saturday, March 2 of the new commercial Dragon capsule designed for a human crew. No one will be aboard Saturdays flight– only an instrumented dummy in a white SpaceX spacesuit, but the capsule will still fly to the International Space Station, following its liftoff from NASA's Kennedy Space Center.

Officials gave the green light after conducting a safety review last week.

NASA's head of human exploration and operations, William Gerstenmaier, called the upcoming test flight "an absolutely critical first step" to eventually putting astronauts on board.

The capsule will remain at the orbiting lab just under a week before aiming for a splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida. 

Radiation monitors and supplies are going up, and science samples and used equipment are coming down. If the upcoming demo goes well, two NASA astronauts could strap in for the next test flight this summer.

Officials stressed much work remains to be done, with problems possibly solved through a redesign, before the capsule is qualified to carry humans.

It would be the first launch of NASA astronauts from U.S. soil in eight years since NASA's shuttle program ended.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket scheduled to soar at 2:48 a.m. EST on March 2 is brand new. 
 Boeing is also in the commercial race to transport space station astronauts. Its first Starliner demo is targeted for April, and the second, with astronauts, no earlier than August.

Across Latin America-02-28-2019

-In Peru, Parents complain about the implementation of gender ideology
- More than 200 undocumented people found in "subhuman conditions" in Mexico
- A fighter plane crashed mysteriously on Tuesday in Cuba.
- The majority of Brazilians approve the administration of their president

In Peru, Parents complain about the implementation of gender ideology

Parents were able to stop the implementation of gender ideology in schools in Peru.

The Parents in Action Association did so by denouncing the Peruvian Ministry of Education for wanting to impose gender ideology in the education system without consulting the parents.

The organization, which defends equal opportunities and rights for their sons and daughters, warned that gender ideology goes against science, biology, and reality by establishing that the sex of people is nothing more than a social construction that can be changed.

They also indicated that the imposition of gender ideology is a violation of the constitutional right to freedom of thought, as well as the fundamental right of parents to educate their children in their values.

The Spanish Family Forum, also says that gender ideology is driven by hatred, and attempts to destroy the man-woman relationship, the nature-culture relationship, and the sex-gender relationship, while sexually perverting children.

More than 200 undocumented people found living in "subhuman conditions" in Mexico

Mexican authorities in the state of Chiapas detained 234 illegal migrants who were being transported in subhuman conditions.

The undocumented people, crowded together into four trucks on secondary roads in the municipality of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, came from Guatemala, Ecuador, and El Salvador.

The Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection of Chiapas preventively arrested the eight guides of the group of illegal immigrants, and the rest remained at the disposal of the prosecutor's office.

Illegal immigration has become a severe problem in Central and North America. The White House announced on Tuesday that the state of national emergency would allow it to allocate $8.1 billion to strengthen the border with Mexico, including the construction of the wall.

A fighter plane crashed mysteriously on Tuesday in Cuba.

The Cuban Air Force announced that a Mig 21 aircraft crashed due to alleged technical problems. They explained that the accident, which resulted in no casualties, occurred during combat exercises in an unpopulated location in the province of Artemisa, west of Havana.

The pilot had the opportunity to jump before the collision occurred, and is in good health. A Cuban air force commission has opened an investigation to clarify the causes of the accident.

The majority of Brazilians approve of the administration of their president

A new poll revealed that most Brazilians approve of President Jair Bolsonaro's administration. More than 57 percent of those surveyed support the administration of the president, compared to 28 percent who disapprove.

The survey, commissioned by the Brazilian transport employers' association from the MDA Institute, revealed that 38.9 percent of the 2002 respondents also rated the administration as good or excellent, compared to 19 percent who considered it negative.

Also, more than 55 percent considered that Bolsonaro's government is better than that of former presidents Michel Temer or Dilma Rousseff. Also at values close to 50 percent, respondents believe that Bolsonaro will improve public safety, education, public health and employment in Brazil.

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