President Trump: Democrats will pay 'tremendous price' at polls


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President Donald J. Trump says on Friday, October 4, the White House is issuing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a letter to formally dispute the Democrats' impeachment inquiry.

The letter will state that Pelosi has failed to follow standard protocol when she hastily called for an inquiry without a House vote and so the White House does not have to acquiesce to them.

[Donald Trump, U.S. President]: “As everybody knows we've been treated very unfairly, very different from anybody else, if you go over not only history, if you go over any aspect of life, you'll see how unfairly we've been treated. We've done a fantastic job. Everything to me is about corruption.”

President Trump says he doesn't care about Biden's campaign, “but I do care about corruption.” Biden’s campaign, “That's up to him,” says President , who continues, “Politics, that's up to them. I don't care about politics. Politics as I think I made clear, and yesterday, somebody asked me a question and I gave an answer, but always in the form of corruption. What I want to do, and I think I have an obligation to do and probably a duty to do it, corruption. … So we are looking at corruption, we're not looking at politics, we're looking at corruption."

He explains the rationale for an official inquiry, if there is going to be one: “I wouldn't mind because we have no rights, the way they're doing it. They've taken away our rights. … We'll get it to the Senate and we're going to win. The Republicans have been very unified.”

President Trump says, “This is the greatest witch-hunt in the history of our country. So we beat the one that started immediately. We went through two years of Mueller and that came out like a 10. It came out perfect. And a few days go by and they start this nonsense and this is just as ridiculous.”

The key issue is that Pelosi has hastily announced an impeachment inquiry without seeking a House vote, or the consent of the full chamber, as was done for impeachment investigations into former Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.

President Trump tells reporters that the Democrats' proceedings will backfire on them politically. “I do believe that because of what they're doing, with Pelosi and their real leaders —AOC plus 3 (Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her so called "squad"). … I really believe that they're going to pay a tremendous price at the polls."

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