Sweden could be heading to civil war due to massive immigration


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Sweden is heading for a civil war due to massive and uncontrolled immigration, said the former general manager of truck manufacturer Scania in an interview on Oct. 26.

Former Chairman of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Leif Ostling told Swebbtv that unless mass immigration is stopped and the socialist government in Stockholm stops overprotecting the immigrant population, mostly Muslim, an armed civil conflict could erupt within a few years, according to Samhasnytt news site.

Ostling highlighted the growing influx of new immigrants from patriarchal and theocratic cultures where women often have a lower status than dogs and who show no interest in adopting the values and rules of coexistence of the host society, in this case Swedish society.

There are more and more ‘prohibited areas’ in Swedish cities where rival gangs from various ethnic groups compete for drug control, smuggling, and the sex trade.

There were 129 shootings in Stockholm in 2017 and 19 people were killed in the attacks, almost twice as many as in 2016, according to official figures collected by Reuters.

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