The American Race Industry – Part 3 of 3


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So far we have established that the American Race Industry is thriving and includes at least the Legacy Media, Black Lives Matter, Rev Al Sharpton, the ACLU, leftist universities and leftist politicians that all have a vested interest in exploiting race to keep the money and attention flowing to them. Be sure to remember that American leftist universities receive billions in taxpayer monies, employ all kinds of radical leftists professors from the 1960ties and 70ties who essentially preach their communist class struggle narrative and lies, and graduate all kinds of misguided young activists who are determined to make over the world in this despicable communist vision of the workers paradise as either extremely capable evil lieutenants or in the words of the sinister USSR Vladimir Lennon ‘useful idiots’ waiting to be fired up in the destructive Black Lives Matter phony-type protests or Anti-Fa riots.

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