The BL news-across Latin America-02-11-2019


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The BL news-across Latin America-02-11-2019

-US and Russia pressure the UN to declare its position on Venezuela.
-Cuba receives humanitarian aid ship from Venezuela
- Brazil announces the closing of "More Doctors" program
- Arrests of migrants in Mexico increase in remote places

US and Russia pressure the UN to declare its position on Venezuela.

U.S. and Russia, have officially asked the UN to pronounce itself on the crisis in Venezuela.

the United States presented a resolution to the UN to demand democratic elections and to recognize the legitimacy of the National Assembly led by the self-declared president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó.
In response, Russia, which last month already joined China, Equatorial Guinea, and South Africa in blocking a similar request, showed its opposition to what it described as foreign intervention and presented its own project.
Even if the Security Council approves some of the projects, both the United States and Russia could veto their opponent's plan by just voting against it.

Cuba receives humanitarian aid ship from Venezuela

Nicolás Maduro sent a humanitarian aid ship to help rebuild Havana, Cuba, which suffered the effects of a tornado on January 27.
The Venezuelan Navy vessel arrived at the coast of the Cuban capital transporting 100 tons of construction materials.
Meanwhile, President Maduro is blocking the entry of 100 tons of food and medicine donated by the United States and Colombia at the Venezuelan border, denouncing that it is part of a strategy to overthrow him.
For years Venezuela has suffered historical hyperinflation that, added to the shortage of essentials, has forced three million Venezuelans into exile.

Brazil announces the closing of "More Doctors" program.

The Brazilian government announced the definitive end of "More Doctors" program.

Mayra Pinheiro, a Brazilian Ministry of Health official in charge of the project, said President Jair Bolsonaro is finalizing a new program that he will present instead.
She indicated that the doctors who work in the program of sanitary assistance to vulnerable communities with difficult access will be able to complete their contracts.
Cuba asked the doctors it sent to the "More Doctors" program to return to the country in November after Bolsonaro denounced that his government was withholding 70 percent of their salaries.
After the incident, the new Brazilian president, who offered political asylum to Cuban professionals who decided to stay, issued a call for Brazilian doctors to fill the vacancies.

Arrests of migrants in Mexico increase in remote places

The number of migrants seeking to enter the United States through remote places in Mexico has increased.

The U.S. Border Patrol announced an increase in the number of migrants attempting to cross the southern border at unusual locations.
Officials denounced that this is a strategy that human traffickers use to consume police resources, abandoning groups in remote areas while passing drugs through other locations.
They indicated that the number of migrant groups arrested in January and February 2019 already accounts for more than half of those arrested in the whole of 2018.
The U.S. government, which recently closed for 35 days due to the lack of consensus between the Democratic and Republican sectors on border security, threatens to close again if no agreement is reached soon.

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