The BL News-Across Latin America-02-19-2019


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The BL news-across Latin America-02-19-2019

-European Union urged to cut relations with Nicolás Maduro
- All mining dams similar to the one that caused the tragedy will be closed
- Chilean President promotes the creation of the new PROSUR

European Union urged to cut relations with Nicolás Maduro.

European parliamentarians called on the European Union to suspend relations with Venezuela.

These deputies are part of the contact group with the South American country, and the government of Nicolás Maduro denied them entry into the country.
Legislators called for sanctions against Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza for denying them entry and also call for the withdrawal of the credentials of all Maduro's ambassadors to the European Union.
The five legislators say they were invited by the Venezuelan National Assembly, led by opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who has been recognized as interim president by most European countries.
Guaidó affirmed that February 23 would not only be the day on which the humanitarian aid retained by the Venezuelan army will enter the borders, but also the end of Maduro's mandate, which he describes as a usurper.
The European Union announced that it does not rule out the option of imposing more sanctions on senior Venezuelan officials.

All mining dams similar to the one that caused the tragedy will be closed.

Brazilian authorities ordered the closure of mining dams similar to the one that caused 160 deaths and dozens of disappeared in Brumadinho on Jan. 25.

The order published in the Official Journal is based on the ban on the construction of "montante" dams, the construction based on waste to reduce costs.
Official sources indicate that 84 of the 218 mining dams considered high potential risk are of the "montante" type.
The National Mining Agency of Brazil granted the inactive dams until August 15, 2021, to close, while the existing dams were extended for two more years.
The announcement came after more than 200 people had to leave their homes recently after another depot threatened to collapse in Minas Gerais.

Chilean President promotes the creation of the new PROSUR

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera criticized UNASUR and supported the creation of a new South American bloc.

The president indicated that the organization has been paralyzed for years and failed because of strong ideological bias.
Instead, he proposed the creation of PROSUR, a new entity that is more open and democratic.
Chilean Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero added that last week a meeting was organized with other regional governments to discuss the characteristics of the new PROSUR.
UNASUR, a group formed by eleven of the twelve countries of the region, stopped its activity when several member countries abandoned it in April 2018, questioning how the authorities were elected.

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