The BL News-Across Latin America-02-20-2019


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The BL News-across Latin America-02-20-2019

-Investigation of authorship and participation in FARC-EP kidnappings
- Opposition leaders sentenced to more than 200 years in prison
- Top industry representative in Brazil arrested
-“El Chapo” linked to several shell companies in Ecuador

Investigation of authorship and participation in FARC-EP kidnappings

Former FARC leader Pablo Catatumbo testified in court about the kidnappings carried out by the former Colombian guerrilla.

Catatumbo, now a senator for the FARC political party, appeared this week before the peace court in Bogotá to testify in case 001, better known as 'Illegal Retention of Persons by FARC-EP.'
He becomes the second of thirty-one leaders expected to appear before the Chamber of Acknowledgement of Truth and Responsibility of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace.
The Peace Tribunal, which has not been ratified by the government of Colombia, intends to grant benefits to those declarants who shed light on the facts, repair the damage and guarantee that they will not commit crimes again.

Opposition leaders sentenced to more than 200 years in prison.

Nicaraguan justice sentenced two opposition leaders to more than 200 years in prison for various crimes committed during protests against the government of Daniel Ortega.

Medardo Mairena and Pedro Mena received sentences of 216 and 210 years, respectively, for the death of four police officers and one civilian, and many other crimes.
Lawyer Julio Montenegro announced that he would appeal the sentence because it was demonstrated during the trial that the crimes charged by the Ortega-related prosecutor's office were not committed.
The events took place between April and October last year when protests against the reform of the pension system resulted in the Nicaraguan people calling for the resignation of the president.
The repression promoted by Ortega's government has resulted in 325 deaths and more than 700 arrests to date.

Top industry representative in Brazil arrested

The Brazilian authorities arrested the industry's top representative, Robson Braga Andrade, for his alleged participation in a corruption scheme.

The preventive detention is part of an operation to dismantle a criminal organization operating in several states and central Brazil.
The police estimate that the network has managed to divert more than 100 million dollars from the public administration, especially the Ministry of Tourism.
The organization is accused of other crimes such as bid fraud, criminal association, and asset laundering.

“El Chapo” linked to several shell companies in Ecuador.

A report pointed out the possible link of "El Chapo" with some shell companies in Ecuador.

The investigation identified three possible companies that the drug trafficker could have used to launder money: "Lincandisa," "Team Business" and"Gestorum."
The website of the Superintendence of Companies of Ecuador confirmed that the companies maintained close relations, even becoming shareholders of each other.
The information coincides with some testimonies from the trial of Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, who is awaiting sentencing after having been found guilty of all charges.

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