The BL news-across Latin America-02-21-2019


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The BL News—Across Latin America-02-21-2019

-Initiative launched in Colombia to end student indoctrination
- Cuban Opposition calls on the U.S. to declare Magna Carta illegitimate
- Colombian aid center overwhelmed by an increase in Venezuelans
-Peru seeks to end illegal mining and human trafficking in the Amazon

Initiative launched in Colombia to end student indoctrination

Heres what's happening across Latin America, February 21st, 2019
Columbia wants to prohibit teachers from promoting political ideologies in their classes.

The bill, according to Congressman Edward Rodriguez, is based on protecting the fundamental rights of students.
It would give children and adolescents the opportunity to denounce teachers and school principals who take advantage of their position to talk about politics and impose their ideologies.
Rodriguez said the measure would prevent students who refuse to accept such indoctrinations from continuing to be subjected to psychological abuse or physical punishment.
The legislation, which has been criticized by education trade unions, grew out of a need observed by parents and teachers throughout Colombia and provided for fines and sanctions.

Cuban Opposition calls on U.S. to declare Magna Carta illegitimate

The opposition, Patriotic Union of Cuba, asked the president of the United States, Donald Trump, to declare illegitimate the constitutional referendum to be held on February 24 on the island.

The organization, which denounced in an open letter the repression of the Cuban communist regime, described both the new Magna Carta and the constitutional elections as fraudulent.
They also described as "State Terrorism" the raid and looting of fourteen houses of opponents to the government of Cuban dictator Díaz-Canel, a few days before the referendum.
Trump recently assured that the day when all America will be free for the first time in its history is approaching and that all the totalitarian governments of the region will fall.

Colombian aid center overwhelmed by an increase in Venezuelans

A hospital in the Colombian city of Cúcuta is facing a difficult situation due to a large number of Venezuelans it treats daily.

Juan Agustín Ramírez, manager of the Erasmo Meoz Hospital in the border city, said the number of Venezuelans crossing the border to receive the medical care they don't have in their country has skyrocketed since 2015, reaching 25,000 patients to date.
He pointed out that in February, despite attending 146 patients in the emergency department, only 75 could be accommodated in beds.
The declaration comes out in the middle of the confrontation between the government and the opposition for political power, and the entry of international humanitarian aid to Venezuela, mainly food and medicine.

Peru seeks to end illegal mining and human trafficking in the Amazon.

The government of Peru launched an operation in the Amazon with the aim of eradicating illegal mining, drug trafficking, and the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children.

The first stage of "Operation Mercury 2019", which will take place over 14 days in the Tambopata National Reserve, will have 1,200 police officers, 300 soldiers, and 70 prosecutors.
The Peruvian Ministry of the Interior indicated that a team of health professionals would provide medical and psychological care to all rescued.

Likewise, after declaring a "State of Emergency" and suspending constitutional rights in the area, the Peruvian government announced that a second operation would last 180 days.

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