The BL News-President Trump continues his support for Venezuelan opposition and denouncing Socialism


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President Trump continues his support for Venezuelan opposition and denouncing Socialism

In Miami Monday, President Trump spoke before the largest Venezuelan community in the US to rally support for opposition leader Juan Guaido and continuing his denouncement of the Socialist policies of Nicolas Maduro.

Socialist policies in Venezuela have destroyed what was once a thriving economy. Severe food shortages, Extreme poverty, and starvation have led to Anti-government protests happening daily, with dozens of Venezuelan citizens killed. Many critics say Maduro's re-election last year was fraudulent, making his second term illegal. The US imposed sanctions on the government and the EU has condemned the election results. The US and many other countries are showing support for opposition leader Juan Guaido recognizing him as the legitimate President of Venezuela.

The US Navy is now sending humanitarian aid to Columbia in the hopes to distribute that aid to the people of Venezuela, but Maduro has blocked the border and claims the aid is part of an effort to de-legitimize his Rule.

President Trump also sent a message to those who support Maduro, saying they will lose everything.
During President Trump’s State of the Union address, he sent a strong message to the far left fringe of the government now embracing socialism, that America will never be a socialist country. The President continued to promote that claim on Monday.

Newly appointed US envoy to Venezuela, Eliot Abrams has ruled out negotiating with Maduro and is urging all involved to deal solely with the legitimate Guaido government.

Donald J. Trump

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