The BL News—Democrats, try to put an end to MTR rule


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The BL News—Democrats, try to put an end to MTR rule

The Daily Caller reported, The House passed the first major new gun bill (H.R. 8) since 2013 with a 240–190 vote Wednesday, which would require mandatory background checks to be performed on those wishing to purchase firearms, including illegal immigrants.

At the last minute, Republicans used the “Motion to Recommit”— which gives the House minority one last opportunity to debate and amend a measure — in this case, to add an amendment that seeks to report illegal immigrants who undergo the gun-buyer background check to
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The motion to recommit the amendment, which was proposed by Florida Republican Rep. Greg Steube, surprised the public when it passed by a 220-209 vote. And now Democrats are trying to put an end to the MTR rule altogether.

Republican Rep. Kevin Mccarthy from California said, Democrats are divided, and "rather than reconcile the differences within their party that are driving the division, Democrats want to rig the rules and suppress the minority party speech on the House floor."

The House Republican leader voiced concern to reporters about Democrats efforts to change the "Motion to Recommit" rule in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The "Motion to Recommit" rule also referred to as an MTR, is a vote that sends a bill back to the committee of jurisdiction. It offers the minority in Congress one last chance to propose amendments to a bill.

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