Trump Defends Negotiation Skills, Environment, Russia and Iran


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President Donald J Trump on Monday at a news conference at the G7 summit in France , defended his negotiating strategy with China saying its done very well for him and its doing even better for the US, adding it should have been done a long time ago.

President Trump has his Chinese counterparts right where he wants them, knowing their economic vulnerabilities, China is desperate for a deal that removes the counter-tariffs that he has imposed in consequence for China’s 30 years of trade cheating.

The US president is confident this progress will produce long-term benefits for the United States and its allies.

President Trump answers a reporter who questioned his style of negotiating.

President Trump says,” I do nothing for politics, I do what’s right and good for the security and economics of the world. Saying it would be better to have Russia inside the tent than outside.

President Trump also said he is open to meeting with Iran’s President to resolve the nuclear standoff. And thinks Iran "wants to get this situation straightened out." Trump said Iran's economy has "tanked entirely," adding that he doesn't "want to see that."

President Trump says how he made the wealth come alive and that the US is now the number one energy producer in the world.

Since President Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris climate accord agreement, the United States has managed to cut carbon emissions even—so much so that the United States is now the world leader in cutting carbon emissions. This was achieved by lifting restrictions on the production of clean-burning natural gas.

The Paris Climate accord placed heavy restrictions on U.S. companies while giving free rein to the major abusers, including China.

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