Whistleblowers – Spies – Corruption – Democrats – New information supports Biden’s Quid Pro Quo


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After reading through the 5 page whistleblower report, their was no signs of pressure by the President. The President was asking Zelensky to look into Joe Biden and his son Hunter as it related to Birisma holdings, a company Hunter Biden worked for that was under investigation for corruption. The circumstances of which date back to 2016, and earlier, not the present. The narrative in the mainstream claims Trump is asking Zelensky to go his Political opponent trying to spin as election interference. And now the Democrats are using this whistleblower complaint to ramp up their push for impeachment. Its important to note that the whistleblower complaint is secondhand information, the person wasn’t even in the room when it happened. Someone from inside the White House leaked it to them making it is the very definition of heresay, no court in the country would take this case. As we’ve seen over and over again, the Democrats are using constitutional procedures in the form of committee hearings to try to intimidate the Trump administration, pressure those appointed to the administration and basically offering corporate media soundbites to further their perception management agenda. I’ll talk more about that, and also read some new evidence released by John Solomon from the hill, showing the actually chain of events regarding the firing of the prosecutor investigating Burima, and New York Times claims there is a spy in the Whitehouse. Whaaaaaat. That’s all today, on the big re-think.

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